Safeguarding lives of women & children

AMURT’s model of community-based collaborative healthcare in Nigeria has proven effective, with over 1965 successful births taking place in 2016 in the seven AMURT-supported health centers in three local government areas in Ebonyi state. In Offia Oji alone, 85% of the women are coming to the health center for delivery. This is remarkable given that previsouly the vast majority of women were giving birth at home or with a traditional birth attendant, a risky endeavor if faced with any birth-related complications. Read more

AMURT starts work in Nigeria

AMURT started working in Nigeria, the most populous country in Africa, in late 2010. We decided to focus on the health sector, as the indicators for maternal and child mortality are among the highest in the world.

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Haiti: Cholera Outbreak Response

“Cholera is not endemic to Haiti, so people are getting very sick, very fast after contracting it,” explains Patrica Munday, AMURTEL’s program coordinator in Haiti.She is part of an AMURTEL medical team that travelled ecently to remote areas hit by the cholera epidemic, which has claimed thousands of lives and could affect another 400,000 according to the US CDC Read more

Rurapuk Peru: People Who Help Each Other

The center of the Rurapuk Project houses the Rurapuk Hot Lunch Program which serves a free hot lunch to 30 children and 2 elderly ladies five days a week. It also is the meeting place for Rurapuk Mothers, a women’s handicrafts collective Read more

Multitherapy Charitable Health Centre, India

Abha Seva Sadan Multitherapy Charitable Health Centre (ASSMCH) located in Kashijharia village, Jharkhand State, has been offering treatment in Acupuncture, Homeopathy and Allopathy (Western medicine) since May 2005. Recently physiotherapy was added. In 2009, 11,035 patients were treated with an average of 919 patients treated per month and 44 the highest number in one day. Every year during World Nutrition Week (Sept 1-7), we organize special nutritional educational programs Read more

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